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Explain the luminous powder. The difference between phosphor and reflective powder

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Explain the luminous powder. The difference between phosphor and reflective powder

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Luminous powder. The difference between glitter powder and reflective powder

Nowadays, many people regard the reflective powder or phosphor as a luminous powder. The difference between these three powders is still very large.

Reflective powder is a retroreflector with high refractive index glass beads. It has a strong retroreflective effect, which can reflect 85% of the light back to the light source and reflect the reflection caused by retroreflection.

Phosphors look very bright on the outside. It absorbs part of the light (including ultraviolet light) and converts it into a longer wavelength of light that is similar to the hue of normal reflected light. This kind of fluorescence plus normal reflected light is the color of the fluorescent pigment that looks particularly bright and bright. .

Luminous powder has a strong ability to absorb light, store and illuminate, and there is no limit to the number of times. Luminous powder can automatically absorb any light source without power supply and emit light in dark places.

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