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The earliest origins and advantages of art paint

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The earliest origins and advantages of art paint

Date:2019-05-13 Author:兴盛 Click:

Art paints originated in Europe, and advanced craftsmanship spread from Europe. The earliest art paints can be traced back to the murals, rock paintings, and lacquer paintings known to humans.

And a variety of stained colored decorative objects. In the 20th century, after entering the domestic market, with its novel decorative style and unusual decorative effects, it has been well received by people.

Admired. Art paint is a new type of wall decoration art material, coupled with modern high-tech processing technology, making the product non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and also waterproof and dustproof.

Flame-retardant and other functions, high-quality art paint can be scrubbed, resistant to friction, and the color is always new.

One of the arguments originated after the Second World War, Europe faced reconstruction, the time of large-scale construction work was tight, the base surface treatment was simple and rapid, showing a rough and beautiful, and formed a kind

Features, gradually developed into the prototype of modern batch of art paint, and after years of continuous development and improvement, this product meets the needs of ordinary people and meets individual needs.

Only mature;

One way of saying is that in a construction site in Japan in the 1960s, a painter lost his grief and slammed the cement mortar on the wall. Later, he was found to have some artistic effects.

The exhibition became a special artistic spraying effect; another way is that in the 1970s in South Korea, due to the rapid development of office buildings, uniform white walls and blinds made many white-collar workers working in the building.

There are symptoms of dizziness and nausea. Some people call it office building syndrome. After a local doctor suggested painting the white wall with the color of red mud, the disease will be cured and then shaped.

A new color painting genre, these are the predecessors of modern art paint.

Art paint is a new type of wall art decoration material, originally originated in Europe. Nowadays, with modern 

high-tech processing technology, the products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Waterproof, dustproof, flame retardant and other functions, high-quality art paint can be washed, the color is 

always new, highly respected.


The main advantages of art paint are:

1. Art paint will not peel off

2. Art paint will not crack, wallpaper will crack

3. Art paint will not change color for ten years. Wallpaper will be yellow for a long time.

4. Art paint seamless connection Wallpaper has seam connection

5. Art paint is easy to clean. Wallpaper dirt is difficult to clean.

6. Art paint can be blended with any color, and the pattern can be designed by itself. The wallpaper has only fixed color and pattern selection.

7. Art paints produce different refraction effects under light. Wallpapers only have some high-end wallpapers.

8. Art paint pattern arbitrary selection and design Wallpaper has only a single passive choice

9. Art paint makes the wall surface three-dimensional. Wallpaper only some high-end wallpapers have some effects

10. Art paint is convenient for secondary decoration. Wallpaper is difficult to clean from the wall.

11. Art paint interior and exterior walls are common. Wallpapers are limited to interior walls.

12. Art paint has strong expression and can express its own expression according to individual thoughts. Wallpaper can't add individual subjective thought elements.

The application range of art paint mainly includes: the main landscape of art paint for decorative design: door, porch, TV background wall, colonnade, bar, ceiling can produce extremely elegant

The effect, and its moderate price is fully in line with the needs of all levels of decoration: hotels, hotels, clubs, clubs, dance halls, night clubs, resorts and high-end luxury

Interior wall decorations for villas, apartments and residences are available. More and more consumers choose to decorate the wall with art paint. The key reason is that people have a colorful decoration.

The hard stuffing of materials and the impetuous mentality of over-expression of wealth have gradually been abandoned, and instead of advocating a natural and simple style, focusing on the cultural connotation of decoration, I hope to further deepen the level.

Emotional care, home decoration should pay attention to the style elements of interior decoration. Must conform to the characteristics of the times, reflect the distinctive personality characteristics, showing a unique style

Artistic style and charm. With the full integration of China and the world, and the constant innovation of home decoration concepts, pure product functions can no longer meet the needs of consumers' home decoration.

begging. In addition, with the improvement of customer spending power and consumer taste, personalized and fashioned home furnishing art paints containing design elements are receiving more and more Chinese consumption.

The favor of the people.

Let us take a look at the visual beauty and spiritual pleasure that art paint brings to us.





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