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Long-lasting luminous powder with up to 12 hours of luminescence

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Long-lasting luminous powder with up to 12 hours of luminescence

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The unit of brightness of the luminescent material is cd/m2 (candela per square meter), and the brightness of the luminous powder is generally mcd/m2 (the millicandela reaches 100,000 cd/m2 per square meter of noon sunlight, and the general indoor only during the daytime 1000 ~ 5000cd / m2, and our night light is generally 100 ~ 1000cd / m2, the brightness of emergency lights is greater than 50cd / m2, the new electroluminescent sign, the brightness is only 20 ~ 100cd / m2,


The maximum brightness of the luminous sign made of luminous powder will not exceed 10cd/m2, and the brightness will be only 1~2cd/m2 after 2 minutes at the moment when the excitation light source stops, and generally 0.060~0.0990cd/ after one hour. M2, generally 0.006 ~ 0.010cd / m2 after ten hours. Therefore, in ordinary customers, the brightness and luminous time of the luminous powder are in the daytime, and the brightness of the luminous powder is observed during the daytime. Due to the presence of ambient light (even in the darker darkroom, it will exceed 1 cd/m2), but we The contrast in the outdoor room is very dark, and the eyes are very dark. In this environment, it is often observed that the luminous powder does not show light in about an hour.


Why is it possible to emit light for 10 hours? The reason why the human eye can observe very weak light is 0.00032 cd/m2 under full dark conditions, and usually the luminous powder brightness decays below this brightness for more than 10,000 minutes. That is to say, it can continue to illuminate for 10,000 minutes (166.67 hours). In theory, people's eyes can still be seen. In order to illustrate the brightness of the luminous powder in the image, when the long afterglow luminous powder is promoted in the early stage, it can be said to be able to emit light for 8 hours and 10 hours, etc., and is distinguished from zinc sulfide which usually can only be continuously illuminated within one hour.


 The greater the particle size of the luminous powder, the higher the brightness, and the greater the performance of the large particle size. Therefore, under the same brightness condition, the smaller the particle size, the higher the product, and the more expensive the price. In order to save material cost, it is generally in the process conditions. If possible, customers are advised to use a thicker product to achieve higher product brightness.

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