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Luminous powder formula

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Luminous powder formula

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Luminous powder is usually divided into photo-energy storage luminous powder and radioactive luminous powder. Photo-storage luminous powder is a fluorescent powder that is stored in natural light, sunlight, ultraviolet light, etc., and stores the light energy. After stopping the light irradiation, it is slowly released in a fluorescent manner, so at night or in the dark, Still can see the light, lasting for hours to ten hours.

      The light powder first absorbs various light and heat, converts it into light energy, and then automatically emits light in the dark. It absorbs various visible light to realize the light-emitting function. The product does not contain radioactive elements and can be recycled indefinitely, especially for 450 nm. The following short-wave visible light, sunlight, and ultraviolet light (UV light) have a strong absorption capacity.

      Recipe: red luminous powder, 55 g of barium sulfate, 40 g of magnesium sulfate, 2 g of lithium phosphate, 3 g of copper nitrate

      Blue luminous powder: 63 g of calcium sulfide, 5 g of sodium sulfate, 5 g of potassium sulfate, 10 g of barium sulfate, 6 g of sodium chloride, 1 g of silver nitrate, and 10 g of magnesium sulfide.

      Purple luminous powder: 63 g of calcium sulfide, 26 g of magnesium sulfide, 10 g of sodium sulfide, and 1 g of lanthanum nitrate.

      Green luminous powder: 55 g of calcium sulfide, 1 g of potassium sulfide, 10 g of sodium sulfide, 12 g of lanthanum nitrate, and 13 g of indium nitrate.

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