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How to solve the problem of blackening of luminous powder for injection molding?

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How to solve the problem of blackening of luminous powder for injection molding?

Date:2019-05-07 Author:兴盛 Click:

In the injection molding, the long-lasting luminous powder is mainly caused by the hardening of the luminous powder and the blackening of the screw. How to avoid this phenomenon?

1. First of all, the choice of luminous powder should be as fine as possible, the soft powder of luminous powder.

2. Secondly, the selection of the machine should be as old as possible, and the shorter screw injection molding machine (generally recommended to be within 0.8 meters) to produce luminous products will be better.

3. Try to mix the mixture as much as possible to avoid mixing the machine.

4. In addition, the temperature and pressure should be reduced as much as possible during the injection molding process, and the temperature and pressure should be lowered as much as possible on the basis of the finished product.

  5. The addition ratio of the luminous powder used in the final injection is generally 3%-10%. The ratio can be adjusted according to the requirements of luminous brightness and cost accounting, but it is better to add no more than 10%.

  Prosperous luminous powder, the powder is soft, the light absorption is fast, the particle size is fine, the brightness is high, and the blackening phenomenon of the luminous powder in the injection molding process is relieved from the luminous powder.




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