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How to solve the problem of blackening powder in the injection molding?

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How to solve the problem of blackening powder in the injection molding?

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The ratio of long-lasting luminous powder to plastic material is generally about 2%-10%, depending on the color depth of the product, the light color is less, and the deep color is added.

One ingredient: first add the diffusion oil to the raw material for one minute, then add the luminous powder for one minute, then add the color powder for two minutes, the mixing time should not be too long, pay attention! The long-lasting luminous powder is most likely to be rubbed with iron. When the time is too long, the raw material will be blackened.

Second, the injection molding machine: the injection molding machine should be cleaned, the temperature should be adjusted to the minimum, can be injected, the time in the injection molding machine should not be too long, so as not to burn, the products injected by different machines, there are also differences, new machines and old Machines, domestic machines and imported machines, all need to be solved slowly.

Third, luminous powder: long-lasting luminous powder in the injection molding for various reasons, injection molding technology, injection molding machine, the temperature of the dissolved material may cause blackening, short-acting luminous powder (zinc sulfide luminous powder) in the injection molding blackening performance a little. Short-acting luminous powder is also used if there is no special requirement.

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