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Elastic paint detection method

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Elastic paint detection method

Date:2018-11-30 Author:兴盛 Click:

The elastic paint detection method has the following six directions:

Method / step

1, luster

The gloss of rubber elastic paint is generally observed by visual inspection, and the gloss will directly affect the appearance.

2, feel

The feel of the rubber elastic paint is tested after 48 hours of baking the workpiece, and it is directly touched by hand, and it feels its fleshy feeling and smoothness, and is consistent with the customer model.

3, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant:

a. Use 500g force without sand rubber to rub at a speed of 3cm per second, and record the number of times.

b. Use the QHQ-A pencil hardness tester Mitsubishi pencil to draw 3 times at different positions of 10mm length, and then wipe the pencil marks with rubber. After the test, check for scratches and peeling off (penh class H, use 500g force, to an angle of 45 ° C).

4, adhesion

Use a knife to draw 100 squares of 1mm on the surface of the paint, then attach it to the 3M adhesive tape, and pull the adhesive tape to the vertical 90 °C for a moment, without falling off as OK;

5, chemical resistance

a, alcohol b, shampoo c, detergent d, washing powder e, resistant to 5% salt water f, 5% NaOH

(Test method: drop the concentration of 99.7% ethanol on cotton, apply 500g force on the paint film and wipe it back and forth, record the number of times. The other substances are tested in the same way.)

6, high and low temperature

It was allowed to stand for 1 hour from low temperature, immediately placed in high temperature for 1 hour, and circulated for 40 times to observe whether the paint film had a change, and the temperature condition was -30 ° C to 60 ° C.




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