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Elastic paint characteristics

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Elastic paint characteristics

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Elastic paint characteristics

Elastic paint is made of high-elastic synthetic resin emulsion. It is a functional exterior wall paint that prevents fine cracks on the surface of buildings and prevents wall leakage. This product has high resilience, flexibility and extensibility. The tensile strength and elongation of the paint can compensate for the fine cracks in the base wall of the building. It can also be called elastic architectural coating.

The main components of elastic paint:

1. Film-forming substances, pigments, fillers Water, and auxiliary agents The main film-forming material of elastic exterior latex paints is an elastic polyacrylic acid synthetic resin emulsion. Its function is to bond other components in the coating into a whole.

2. When the coating is dried and hardened, it can adhere to the surface of the coated substrate to form a uniform continuous and tough elastic protective film. The elasticity of the coating film is mainly determined by the structure and composition of the elastic polyacrylic resin. The macromolecule of this resin is highly curled, and the molecular smell is weak, and it is easily deformed under the action of external force. The deformation disappears after the external force is removed, and thus exhibits elasticity.

Third, the emulsion is usually self-crosslinking and thus has good stain resistance. It is an ideal base for elastic exterior latex paints.

Fourth, pigments and fillers in the coating can not only make the coating have a certain hiding power, present a certain color, but also enhance the strength of the coating itself, pigments, fillers and prevent UV penetration.

Fifth, the aging resistance and weather resistance of the coating can be improved.

6. In water-based liquid architectural coatings, water is a dispersion medium. After the coating is applied to the substrate, the coating is gradually dried and hardened by evaporation of moisture. Finally, a uniform continuous elastic coating film is formed.

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