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What is the touch of elastic hand paint?

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What is the touch of elastic hand paint?

Date:2018-12-08 Author:兴盛 Click:

What are the differences between elastic hand paint and other similar paints? What are the differences? First of all, we must know that this material is made of polyurethane products, so it must be polyurethane anhydrous grade in terms of solvent requirements. This is because when manufacturing the paint, you should also pay attention to not being able to get together with other ones. Be sure to distinguish them and do not mix them together. If the solvent of this product is excessively watery, then it is possible that the curing agent first reacts with moisture. It is such that a part of the curing agent is consumed to make the film dry and soft, or the scratch resistance is deteriorated, and the delay of the reaction occurs. This product is designed to be easy to use when we need it in our daily life, but don't let it lose its original principles. The pros and cons will depend on how you apply it.

  What are the problems that elastic hand paints often encounter when using them, and what are the solutions? This product must first use a clean hand to touch the smooth, delicate and soft touch and so on. Also, check the scratch resistance again. This is to use the nail to make a horizontal and vertical scraping. Then, if you scratch the paint film, check whether the trace is obvious. Be aware that the requirements of this product are to feel smooth, soft and soft.




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