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Looking for pearl powder, the best pearlescent pigment effect

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Looking for pearl powder, the best pearlescent pigment effect

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Pigments provide efficiency of the full range of pearl powders. Peafowl pigments use the principle of natural pearls to reproduce the soft, elegant luster of pearls through refraction, reflection and transmission of light. Xingsheng series pearl pigments are characterized by non-toxic environmental protection, high temperature resistance, light resistance, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance, no malformation and non-conduct. Pearl silver white pearl powder, iridescent pearl powder (also called interference pearl powder), gold pearl powder (also known as pearl gold powder), colored pearl powder (also known as pearl colored powder) and iron pearl powder mica. . There are different specifications in each series. An unusual pearl powder is also known as interference pearl powder. We have colors such as iridescent gold, incredible red, iridescent blue, iridescent green, and iridescent purple. According to the rough subdivision, it is divided into three thickness sections 5-25um, 10-60um and 10-100um. Pearl powder is widely used in coatings, paints, inks, printing, printing, spraying, leather, injection molding, glass, crafts, mobile phone casings, packaging and other industries. Excellent quality, stable quality and large quantity are common pearl powder. You are welcome to come and buy!

Application in ceramics and enamel

Adding some pearl luster to the classic porcelain products these patterns or patterns on the china can be more vivid. Titanium mica pearl pigments have high temperature resistance prepared by artificially synthesising florophlogopite flakes or micro crystal flakes and can be widely used in ceramics and enamels. The pearl pigments made from ordinary cigarettes cannot stand with ceramic firing and enamel beads. When used, the pearl pigment is mixed with the magnetic glass, and then applied to the dried porcelain cup according to the glazed size, and calcined under the condition that the kiln is kept oxidised and can be kept. make the beautiful pearl when the temperature is suitable. Products, Symphony Pearlescent pottery products can show extremely beautiful handsome effect.

Pearl powder used in leather

Xingsheng Filled Technology has a clear effect on pearl pigment, non-toxic resistance, odorless, high temperature and strong chemical inversion. It is widely used in natural varnish species for printing and coating artificial leather surface, which can make the original handsome color more abundant. Pelagic leather can be produced directly by blending pearl pigments in transparent resin species, depending on the situation.

Pearl powder used in automotive coatings

Prosperous Effect Pelagic pigments are stable in physical properties and can be widely spread. As with general paint production, as long as the appropriate amount of pigment added to the transparent substrate of different paints for ten days, pearl paint can be found, suitable for coatings on cars, motorcycles, bicycles and the like. Pearlic pigments, which are suitable for water-based maps, have good resistance to acid and alkali, which can contain sulphides, sulphides, unchanged color, and pigments with non-steering characteristics, most suitable for electrostatic coating processing.

Pearl powder is used in the hot stamping process

Pearl powder can be added to the bronze process craft effect of the fabric to better convey.




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