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Development prospects of colored luminous powder

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Development prospects of colored luminous powder

Date:2019-01-17 Author:兴盛 Click:

Color luminous powder is a non-radioactive and harmless environmental luminous pigment in the early active market. It absorbs light and absorbs sunlight, emits light in the dark, and can repeatedly absorb light. The slogan of energy saving and environmental protection is not empty talk. The application of luminous powder is also the slogan of major industries. The response, and thus the luminescent powder has also developed, let's learn the development prospects of luminescent powder through detailed text:

    The luminous luminescent night sign made of environmentally friendly luminous powder can not replace the current safety indicator of electroluminescence, but it can be used as a supplement to better display the role in times of danger. The cost of electroluminescent safety signs is high and requires wiring and routine maintenance, which makes it inconvenient to increase the installation density. When a crisis occurs, there will be a mark gap. The night cursor has low cost, easy installation, high-density installation, low-level continuous pointing installation, and can be installed at any position, greatly increasing the security. The US 9/11 incident played a very good role.

    Light-storing night-cursor cards are also very common in China, and application examples can be found everywhere, such as subways, airports, supermarkets, convention centers, factories, etc. During the Olympics, light-emitting night-cursors were installed in large areas throughout Beijing. Better safety instructions are provided at times of distress, and luminescent phosphors are a good choice, safe and energy efficient. The luminescent luminous powder industry is an integral part of the low carbon economy.

    Luminous resin garden lights are also favored by Europe and the United States. The application of luminous powder can also contribute to the world's natural nature.




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