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What are the requirements for pearl powder for cosmetics?

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What are the requirements for pearl powder for cosmetics?

Date:2019-04-25 Author:兴盛 Click:

Pearl powder is a color-changing pigment that reproduces the beauty and color of pearls, shells, corals and metals in nature, so it is often used in the cosmetics industry. However, the requirements for making cosmetics are very high. What are the requirements for pearl powder used in cosmetics?

The pearl powder is made of natural mica, which is resistant to high temperatures and contains no toxins. It is fully compliant with the International Food and Drug Administration Regulations (FDA) and is harmless to the human body and does not harm the skin or eyes. Diversified colors, convenient color matching, can be used to produce lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, nail polish, hair cream, moisturizer, hair spray and other cosmetics.

The color of the pearlescent powder is mainly silver white, gold, metallic, rainbow dry color and chameleon series. The stronger the hiding power of pearl powder, the larger the particle size, and it is free of toxins, harmless to the human body, and does not hurt the eyes and skin. Meet the strict environmental protection requirements.

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