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广东Pearl powder

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广东Pearl powder

  • Type:广东Cosmetic grade mica powder

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  • Date:2019/05/31
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Place of originShenzhenWhether to importnouseFor cosmetics
Model / Specification3kg/packagecolourRose redBrandProsperous
granularity600-1000 eyes (eye)Scope of useFor cosmeticsspecial serviceFree sample
product namePearl powderWhether dangerous chemicalsNO

Xingsheng Enterprise is a company that integrates the research, development, production and sales of pearlescent pigments, and is committed to the development and development of special effect pigments. The company introduces foreign advanced equipment and precision instruments and adopts imported high-grade mica flakes and new ultra-white synthetic mica titanium as raw materials; and cooperates with many senior professors in the field of mica titanium pearlescent pigment development and senior engineers with more than ten years of production experience. Establish a scientific and technological research and development system and quality management system to ensure that the product quality meets the EU ROHS electronic non-toxic ban standard, the European EU standard and the US Food and Drug Administration FDA standard.

There are five series of high-quality effect pigments, including crystal, diamond, chameleon, nine series and natural mica titanium, which are made up of new synthetic high transparency crystals. Widely used in cosmetics, coatings, plastics, inks, printing, coatings, leather and other industries.


Pearl powder

Pearl powder features:

Silver white series silver white pure

The color series is beautiful, clear and elegant.

The gold series is brightly colored, noble and magnificent, with a pure gold texture and beautiful

No heavy metal

High temperature resistance

It is easy to mix with various pigments.

Excellent dispersibility in both solvent and aqueous systems

Good stability, UV resistance, no discoloration

The particle size is uniform, and there are a plurality of particle sizes for different particle sizes, and the hiding power is also different.

Price concessions, practicality.


The use of pearl powder:

1, water-based oily paints and inks

2, motorcycles, paints and inks for other vehicles

3, plastic packaging materials

4, coloring of plastic resin

5, cosmetics

6, a variety of leather, artificial leather and wallpaper

7, interior and exterior walls and other building materials

8, glass and ceramic sintered decoration

Pearl powder name:

Silver White Pearl Powder Golden Pearl Powder Iridescent Color Pearlescent Powder Color Symphony Pearlescent Powder Pearlescent Pigment Metallic Pearlescent Powder Super White Super Bright Pearlescent Powder Crystal Symphony Shiny Pearlescent Powder Diamond Super Bright Pearl Powder

The thickness of pearl powder: 1200 mesh 1000 mesh 800 mesh 600 mesh 400 mesh 200 mesh 150 mesh 100 mesh 50 mesh, etc.

Usage of pearl powder: screen printing paint ink spraying injection coating

Addition ratio of injection pearl powder: 1-3%

Adding proportion of paint pearl powder: 3%-8%

Addition ratio of ink pearl powder: 10%-15%




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