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Analysis of the development trend and trend of Chinas pearl pigment industry

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Analysis of the development trend and trend of Chinas pearl pigment industry

Date:2018-10-05 Author: Click:

The overall supply and demand of global pearlescent pigments will maintain a state of rapid growth, and the supply will be relatively tight in 3 to 5 years. In China: Imported products will still maintain a leading position in production, sales and technology, and have a superior position in the high-end market. At the same time, they have to gradually withdraw from the basic product line, even on some post-processing products, some functional products. It will also be squeezed out of part of the market.

China's pearlescent pigment production is gradually maturing. In the short term of 3 to 5 years, China's pearlescent pigments will still be in a high-speed development stage. In the basic products, the models that can replace Merck and the former Ange will become more and more. In the post-processing product line, models that can replace Merck and the former Ange will gradually appear. Moreover, according to the research and development status of China's pearlescent pigments, in the next 5-10 years, China's pearlescent pigments will reach the leading level in some new product fields, and it is very likely to form industrialization. In this process, the development of China's pearlescent pigment producers needs to be kept in mind. Based on the above analysis and speculation, it is not only safe and reliable to select some of the higher quality products from China's pearlescent pigment producers, but also to make the current and future supply of raw materials safe. You can share the cost advantage and establish a supplier emergency reserve, which can avoid the risk of simply using imported products, and also help to correctly understand the latest products and price dynamics, and maintain a leading position among peer competitors.

But Chinese pearlescent pigment producers should focus on advances in the following areas:

The quality control of raw materials is controlled. In order to produce high-quality products, it is necessary to implement stricter standards for the receipt and receipt of raw materials. Domestic pearlescent pigments are “too dirty”, that is, too much impurities are not related to this; strict control of the production process;

New technology development and new product development, glory stability and true weatherability of weather-resistant products have to be improved;

Unlike the cosmetics industry and the plastics industry, the paint and ink industry requires much higher stability for the hue of the product. China's pearlescent pigment producers should strengthen their understanding of the application of pearlescent pigments in coating inks. For the coatings and inks industry, the price is important, but the performance, quality and quality stability of the products are more important.




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