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Talking about the use method of long-acting luminous powder and resin

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Talking about the use method of long-acting luminous powder and resin

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First, long-acting luminous powder and unsaturated polyester resin formula:

Firstly, the amount of 191 resin used in the production of a product is poured into the container. Then, 20 parts of luminescent powder is added per 100 parts of 191 resin, and evenly stirred, 2-4 parts of curing agent is added. After mixing, the accelerator is added. 1-2 parts, fully stirred, the above preparation procedure can not be reversed.

Second, long-lasting luminous powder and polyvinyl chloride resin formula:

Polyvinyl chloride (pvc) 16-18% plus ring has been 0%, hot melt is the original slurry. Pour the ring 亘 into the container and then add pvc. And with the accompanying. After the addition is completed, the container is placed in hot water not exceeding 50 ° C, stirred and dissolved for 15 minutes until the pvc is completely dissolved, this is the original slurry, the original pulp 100% plus luminous powder 30% stirring evenly, standing 30 In the minute, it becomes a luminous paste. In addition, varnish plus luminous powder or 107 glue and night powder can be used to prepare luminous paste for different purposes.

Third, long-acting luminous powder using unsaturated resin:

1. The maximum amount of curing agent is not more than 6%, and the minimum amount of accelerator is less than 0.5%.

2. When the viscosity of the resin is too large

3. The construction temperature, that is, the ambient temperature during construction should not be lower than 15 °C, and the relative air temperature should be less than 80%.

4, resin and solid, promote two flammable products, use, storage, transportation should be careful. Store in a cool place, do not near fire, or store your mouth.

5. The curing speed of the resin is generally increased or decreased by the amount of the accelerator.

6. It is not advisable to use copper to install resin. Do not mix phenolic resin powder and sulfuric acid, rubber, copper salt, methanol, etc., especially water and water in the bottom plate of the frame, otherwise it will affect the performance of the resin and the finish of the finished product.

7. The tool can be cleaned with warm washing powder and sawdust before the resin is uncured. Some molds or tools should not be cleaned with acetone.

8. No. 1 curing agent must use No. 1 accelerator, No. 2 curing agent must use No. 2 accelerator, can not be misused. The curing agent and the accelerator may not be simultaneously added to the resin during use, and it is strictly prohibited to mix or close the two.




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