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Red light gold

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Red light gold

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  • Date:2019/05/31
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Copper powder

Place of originShenzhenWhether to importnouseFor coatings, cosmetics, leather, inks, plastics, ceramics
Model / Specification5kg/bagcolourGreen gold and red goldBrandProsperous
granularity200 mesh - 1500 mesh (mesh)Scope of useCosmetics for inks for coatingsspecial serviceFree sample
specificationGreen gold, red goldproduct nameCopper powderWhether dangerous chemicalsno

 Paint copper powder

Supply copper gold powder  couplet writing ink gold powder ink writing 1000 mesh red gold powder

product description

Copper powder (also known as gold powder) is a kind of metal with a scaly structure, which can be floated in a binder, exhibits golden luster and has pigment properties, which is made of copper-zinc alloy as a raw material through special mechanical processing and surface chemical treatment. pigment. Due to its brilliant metallic luster, gravure printing has a wide range of applications in plastics, high-grade pictorials, high-end packaging, cigarette shells, and securities printing. Therefore, higher requirements are imposed on the main technical indexes such as gloss, metallic feeling, water surface coverage, product particle size and distribution of copper powder. The copper powder produced by the traditional process has been difficult to meet modern requirements. Therefore, the copper powder is deeply drilled. Research and development have important practical significance.


200 mesh copper powder: fly gold, fabric printing gold, suitable for fast printing.Features: high luminosity, strong metal


400 mesh copper powder: fly gold, gold paint, fabric printing gold, also suitable for screen printing, wallpaper, paint and incorporation into plastics. Features: high luminosity and strong metal.


600 mesh copper powder: fly gold, gold paint, fabric printing gold, screen printing, handicraft coating and so on. Features: high luminosity and strong metal.


800 mesh copper powder: used for fabric printing, spray paint, plastic, wallpaper "point-point" coatings for aqueous and non-aqueous applications.


1000 mesh copper powder: used to make high-gloss spray paint, wooden materials, screen printing inks and rubber bump inks. Features: fine, high brightness.


1200 mesh copper powder: suitable for printing inks, paints, plastics, screen inks, etc.Features: high brightness.


1500 mesh copper powder: better performance, high gloss and good stability, can be used to manufacture canned offset inks.

Application areas:



Copper powder is mainly used in crafts, paints, inks, coatings, printing, silk screen printing, printing, leather, wallpaper, automotive paint and other industries.

The method for determining the high content of copper commonly used in red copper gold powder is still the old iodometric method. The amount of potassium iodide is large, the cost is high, and the time is much, and the newly developed photometric method is not suitable for the problem of copper developer. The determination of copper content makes it necessary to research and develop new color developers. The author tried to control the pH value with acetic acid-sodium acetate buffer solution, and used ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt (EDTA) as a color developer to determine the high content of copper in copper powder, while using EDTA to mask elements such as zinc and aluminum. Eliminate its interference. Cu^2+ and EDTA form a blue complex with a molar ratio of 1:1. The complex has a larger absorption wavelength of 2=730 nm, a molar absorptivity of ε=88.9, and a copper ion content of 12-24 mg/50 mL. There is a good linear relationship in the range, and the linear regression equation is A=0.0354+0.02317c

Instructions for use



Gold powder printing process:

Gold and silver powder printed gold and silver powder are actually copper-zinc alloy and pure aluminum powder. The gold powder is divided into light gold, medium gold and deep gold according to the color. Silver powder contains 99.5% pure aluminum.Due to the active aluminum powder, the surface is prone to generate oxidized strands, and the lower limit density of the powder in the air is 27-50 g/cm3, and the action of water releases hydrogen, which affects the stability of the paste, so it is inferior to the powder in practical use. Printing is common. The following focuses on the gold powder printing

1 gold powder printing process points.

a. Commonly used gold powder fineness is 200 to 1800 mesh. The finer the particles, the more red light, the worse the gloss; on the contrary, the thicker the particles, the more luster, the stronger the gloss and the better the brushing fastness. Therefore, the number of meshes should be chosen appropriately, which is the same as the general coating selection. Often controlled between 200 and 400 mesh.

b. The penetrant contributes to the improvement of brightness, and the diffusing agent NNO and the penetrant JFC are more commonly used.

c. Antioxidants can retard the oxidation rate of gold powder in the air, prevent the formation of oxide film and darken. Commonly used are metur (m-aminophenol sulfate) and benzotriazide, this agent is not directly added. Adjusted to the emulsified paste.


2 gold powder printing process recipe and process.

a. Recipe:

Gold powder (400 mesh)


Adhesive MR-96 400g

Special emulsified paste 250g


b. Process: printing gold powder → baking (160 ° C, 1.5 minutes) → rolling resin - → baking (temperature, time with the previous) - → tenter - → calendering - → anti-shrink - → inspection.


The above calendering purpose is to increase gloss, reduce friction and prevent falling powder. In the case that the golden light requirement is not high but the fastness requirement is high, the amount of gold powder can be replaced by the golden paint, especially in the black or deep sauce color, which is often called “flying gold”.


3 printed gold flower cylinders carved and arranged.

The more prominent part of the engraving of the gold flower cylinder is about 0.02mm deeper than the conventional printing, usually about 0.12mm, and the flying surface is straighter, which is conducive to the smooth flow of the printing paste.

The gold powder printing is carried out by engraving the flower tube, which is evenly divided into two times, and is usually placed in a later process. When screen printing is adopted, the screen printing platen is preferably a hot platen, and is generally printed in a single or double number. When co-printing with other dyes, the specific arrangement should be based on the pattern and dye properties. If it is overprinted with vat dye, it is better to use gold powder first, and it is better to use flowing cold water for oxidation. It is not possible to use acid and strong oxidant.


Process: printing gold powder → baking → rolling resin → baking → tentering → calendering → anti-shrinkage.

It is also possible to adopt a foaming printing method, adding a foaming agent and a thermoplastic resin to the printing paste, and after the high temperature baking, the foaming agent is decomposed, releasing the gas to expand the printing paste to form a three-dimensional pattern, and fixing the gold powder coating by the resin. . This is not only easy to process, but also has no rough touch. The process is: cold plate flat screen printing → baking.

Product color card display

 Paint copper powder Paint copper powder



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