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Talking about the application range of fluff powder

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Talking about the application range of fluff powder

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Talking about the application range of fluff powder

Scope of application: The general use of fluff powder is mostly to increase its added value.

1. Used for fluff coating, by blending with elastic resin to make the sprayed surface have a soft fluffy feel, and sound absorption and scratch resistance. Mainly used in leather, plastic and other flat surface treatment.

2. It is used in plastics. After being mixed with other resins in proportion, after processing from the injection molding machine and the extruder, the surface of the pile is textured to have a special effect.

It is densely sized (10um) and is mostly used in high-priced products such as lipsticks, computer casings, etc. The medium-sized (15um) touch is slightly thicker, mostly used on leather or PU leather surfaces, and some car interiors, etc. . The large particle size (30um) is rough and has a customer's use on the sole or tennis racket grip.


Generally, the fluff powder is used as an additive. Before use, 1 part of the fluff powder is stirred and added to 2 parts of solvent (dibutyl or xylene) for about 10 minutes, and then the solvent is added to 1 part of the resin. In the middle, hardening can be done, and the hardening method is divided into two types. One is a single liquid type, that is, there is no added hardening agent, and the other has a hardening agent, that is, a two-liquid type, and the prepared fluff lacquer is further added with some anti-settling agent and Wax can be. The amount of fluff powder added varies depending on the application and has a different amount. For example, the leather surface treatment is added by about 10-20%, while the plastic surface is added by about 25-35%, while the surface treatment (generally referred to as PU leather) is added by 5-8%.




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