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广东Cosmetic pearlescent pigment

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广东Cosmetic pearlescent pigment

  • Type:广东Pearl powder

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  • Date:2019/05/31
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Cosmetic pearlescent pigment

Place of originShenzhenWhether to importnouseFor cosmetics
Model / Specification5kgcolourRed, pink, blue, greenBrandProsperous
Product size10-60umgranularity600 (mesh)Scope of usecosmetic
product namePearl powderWhether dangerous chemicalsno

Cosmetic pearlescent pigmentCosmetic pearlescent pigment

  • Product features: scientific and environmental protection, colorful and bright

  • Product use: industrial products such as cosmetics, paint and plastics

  • Process: High-tech environmental protection technology

product manual

Pearlescent powder is a glossy pigment. Non-toxic, odorless, acid and alkali resistant, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-conductive, non-migrating, easy to disperse, high heat resistance (900 degrees) and weather resistance, fully meet strict environmental requirements.


1. How to use pearl powder safely


Pearlescent powder is a translucent microflaky pigment. Inadvertent inhalation of the lungs by the operator will cause corresponding damage to the body. It is recommended that the operator wear a mask and rubber gloves before mixing the pearl powder. Open the package and gently put the required amount into the can (barrel), then soak it in 30% ethyl acetate or isopropanol for 30 minutes. Operation, but not suitable for high-speed stirring, otherwise it will destroy the particle size of the pearl powder and affect its gloss.


2. How to mix pearl powder with color materials


Gravure printing mainly uses low viscosity liquid inks. For the blending of pearlescent pigments, a binder with high transparency (resin) and a transparent thinner with good printability should be selected. When formulating color inks, different color ink types should be selected according to different papers. For white cards and whiteboard papers, pigment-based pigments should be used, and for PET composite papers, dye-based pigments should be used. The pigment and pearl powder can be mixed, generally no more than 20% of the pearl powder. If the color tone is too heavy, it will affect the pearlescent effect, because pearlescent pigments can only have special light interference function in the light-filled ink layer, and excessive use of other colored pigments will lose a lot of pearlescent light.


Method of deployment. Dilution agent: color ink: pearl ink = 75:3:22, can increase or decrease the proportion of each according to the desired effect.


Operation method: first use the dilution agent and color ink to make the preparation (remember: weigh to find the proportion), adjust the sample to a slightly deeper than the required sample by scraping the sample, then add the soaked pearl powder, evenly stir, wait for the pearl powder It can be used after being evenly dispersed in the ink.


3. Reasonable use of pearl powder on composite paper


For example, if the pearlescent ink is printed on the PET composite paper, the smoothness of the surface of the paper is good, and the transfer rate of the pearlescent ink is lowered during the printing process, and the covering effect is also poor, and the print is exposed to the color of the paper. Then, in the process arrangement, it is necessary to consider the empty color sequence, printing the pearl ink or the base oil twice, so that the pearl light effect will be more vivid; without the empty color sequence, consider adding appropriate aluminum powder, white ink or transparent to the pearl ink. The ink is so light that the pearl light effect is slightly lost, but the hiding rate is improved.





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